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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Forklift (Dalian) Plant Meeting and Exchange

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On September 25, 2019, Mr. Zhou Guowei, the general manager of our company, paid a visit to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Forklift (Dalian) Co., Ltd., and was warmly received by the company's general manager, Mr. Chiba Kenichi, and the director of manufacturing, Mr. Saito Hirotoshi.
On September 25, 2019, Mr. Zhou Guowei, the general manager of our company, paid a visit to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Forklift (Dalian) Co., Ltd., and was warmly received by the company's general manager, Mr. Chiba Kenichi, and the director of manufacturing, Mr. Saito Hirotoshi.
The two sides had an extensive and frank exchange of views on the current domestic forklift truck market development and sales strategy, and, under the introduction of Minister Saito, visited the factory's entire forklift production process. In the modern workshop under the strict 5S management, we saw high-precision processing robots, automated operation and high-precision test equipment, as well as booths set up in various sections to improve the level of assembly.
Through this exchange, we deepened mutual understanding and increased our confidence in the quality assurance of Mitsubishi forklifts. The sales target of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Forklift (Dalian) Co., Ltd. this year is 12,000 units (including export). In order to achieve this goal, let us work together! Bring good products to the market and better serve customers!
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Forklift (Dalian) Plant Meeting and Exchange
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