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Address : 1528 Huiping Road, High-tech Park, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai


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Shanghai Anhe Forklift Truck Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is the largest sales service center for Mitsubishi forklift trucks in China.


Company Profile


The main business of the company is:
Established in 1997, Shanghai anhe forklift truck co., ltd. is the largest sales and service center of mitsubishi forklift truck in China. The main business of the company is forklift sales, forklift leasing, forklift maintenance, spare parts supply, used car recycling, used car sales and other related logistics equipment sales and technical support.
In 2004, the company built a forklift truck service center with an area of tens of thousands of square meters. The service center can undertake forklift overhaul, fittings installation, forklift modification, tire pressing, battery desulfurization, plastic paint and other businesses. The company has the "special equipment installation, transformation and repair license" issued by the state, with the best after-sales service, to improve the customer's forklift safety to make a strong guarantee.
As a professional supplier of logistics and handling machinery, we take "professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm" as the purpose, in order to minimize customer logistics costs, more effective, more timely to provide services as the goal, do our best to help users and social development!
Used car and rental business:
Second-hand car sales: annual sales of nearly 1000. Consultation is also available for vehicles not in stock. Have a national network to provide the most competitive prices and models.
Used-car recycling: use online survey pricing for free! Because it belongs to mitsubishi forklift group, it can deal with all brands and models of vehicles more professionally.
Forklift truck leasing: it has a rich series of products, which can correspond to various customer needs, and can also set the leasing time according to customer needs. Please feel free to ask.
Service support:
In the face of all logistics customers, always build the most comprehensive service system, and strive to improve customer satisfaction.
Vehicle maintenance: in order to make customers longer, more secure use, we provide a full range of technical guarantees, to ensure the safety of all customers.
Annual spot inspection and inspection: using the special spot inspection subjects of mitsubishi forklift truck company, we carry out strict inspection and spot inspection, and provide the most reliable service through high standards of inspection and spot inspection to improve the safety of customers.