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We keep a stock of forklifts and vehicles manufactured with the latest technology and strict quality control. Recommend the most suitable products according to the customer's homework content. In order to ensure that customers can use it safely, our special senior technicians in the after-sales service center will provide the most complete after-sales service to ensure that the vehicle is in the highest condition.
Benefits of leasing:
The use of leasing, is also one of the effective means of rationalization.
Rich model series:
It is possible to choose the latest model at any time, and configure and adjust the most suitable number of forklifts according to the operation content, scale and conditions.
Flexible utilization time:
From half a day, a day of sudden use of vehicles, seasonal impact of a busy time, sometimes the amount of uncertainty, to the need for long-term lease, we can according to customer requirements, to deal with!
Fund face peace of mind:
Without one-time investment, the rent can be treated as ordinary funds to save tax and effectively reduce the company's operating costs.
Worry free after-sales service:
Save forklift licensing, insurance and other worries, as well as forklift maintenance costs can not be judged.